Who we are

Fractional Ownership Costa Rica Inc.

Members of Fractional Homes International

Red MacawWe are a company who will be in charge of the property you pick for an excellent administration for the rest of your ownership, you won't have to worry about not one detail of its maintenance.

We pick convenience places all around Costa Rica for the owners to have luxurious second homes in Private Residences clubs, exclusive properties and exclusive condominiums.

With all kinds of amenities, professional management, with the best of everything. This is for people who want the cachet of a second home in a specific place, but don’t want to expense and hassle of a full ownership of something they will realistically only be able to use a few weeks of the year.

Fractional ownership allows more services and amenities than whole ownership, while ensuring that your property is professionally maintained and ready for your arrival.

All the properties that are in our company will be high standing, luxurious furnish and we’ll try presale so your part of the ownership will have a really good appreciation 12 months later. You can resale your fraction as soon as you have the keys. In some places we will have condos ready to start.

Here you are going to own 5 weeks of the year like you want, stay in it, rented, or lend it. You can ask for one week or partial week use. You have the chance of having it for Special weeks in the year as well as all others . We will have Honey Moon Special so we can sell our days very good. If you are gone rented with us we only charge you a 15%.

This ownership is for lifetime, you can exchange with our own projects and pay as little as $15 per day from Tamarindo to use Jaco or International Members of Luxury fractional Homes for $150.00 a year to exchange with 1800 owners of Luxury Fractional Homes around the world. We will have some places in Costa Rica were we won’t be owners but we will be able to exchange our days for $75.00 a year. Our next complex is gone be in Arenal Volcano or Monte Verde both are Mountain project

  • Jacó

    • Ramada Jaco Bay

      • 3th Floor

        For a person who wants to come to Costa Rica Four to Five weeks or as many as you want a year to... Read More

  • Tamarindo

    • Palmas de Tamarindo Tower